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JPE was derived with the goal of offering the finest service available within the residential window cleaning industry, addressing every common complaint customers have with existing contractors. We are proud to work long days, proud to work all year and we only employ trustworthy operators.

We clean the entire window; glass, frames and sills. We spend far longer than the average window cleaner, getting into every corner, nook and cranny. Areas a traditional window cleaner doesn’t touch. We use a pure-water system, meaning not only surface dirt is removed but the surface is cleaned of all residual dirt and chemicals also.

We operate ladderless, meaning nobody pearing through upstairs windows, or leaning heavy ladders against your property.
Reliability is key to keeping a long lasting working relationship; Your property will be cleaned on a reliable and predictable round schedule. We are able to notify you before we arrive and cleans can be rescheduled at any time. All of our vans are clearly marked with the same livery and our operators are all uniformed with visible company logos. Our operators are background screened, fully employed and fully trained using our equipment. We also use purified water to clean your windows so it increases safety for the public, the homeowner and also the operator. Pure Water Window Cleaning also eliminates the need for use of detergents, therefore environmentally friendly. Pure water alone absorbs dirt from windows, frames, sills etc.

One off window cleans available.

Window cleaning upto 48ft free text or telephone reminder the evening before every clean.

*Deals on commercial window cleaning. (new clients on a monthly basis.. first year only. Only pay for 10 months cleans for the price of 12 months. *


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